Internship Woes

So it has come round to that time of the year to find a second internship for 6 months! 

I started applying last year around October for this coming July. I started applying mainly to Thailand (due to some reasons) and got quite a few acceptances, maybe because I had some knowledge of Thai. I mainly applied to the Kitchen Department while most of my classmates (I’m in the BSC program in my school and they are all so competitive it’s not normal) are applying to Sales and Marketting, Finance, HR etc. 

People are always constantly asking me, “Why are you applying to the Kitchen again?” Yes I did work in the bakery of The Racha, Phuket, Thailand for 6 months last January. Although the bakery isn’t my first choice to be working in, I still endured it and made the most out of it. Anyway, back to the question that is on people FAQ list (in regards to me). Firstly, I love food, to eat it, smell it, cook it even to look at it gives me orgasamic feelings like no other. Secondly, I have grown up cooking with my grandmother, learning all her favorite dishes that I unfortunately have forgotten (I’m sorry grandma if you see this from above, I still love you). Lastly, I am in love with cooking. 

Anyway, back to internship. Beginning of this year, I mass applied to 50 something establishments from hotels to Michellin starred restaurants, from Hong Kong to Abu Dhabi to London. I was actually surprised to even hear back from any of the Michellin restaurants, let alone be accepted to 3 of them. Though my dream restaurants to work at turned me down, Ducasse, La Gavroche and Roubuchon, I’ll be back for you. 

So now I’m deciding between Pied A Terre and L’Autre Pied. Both belonging to the same company and both are 1 Michellin Star Restaurants. However, the only thing that might not make this happen in my UK work visa. So earlier today, I sent an email (with my mother’s stalking skills) to the owner of both restaurants Mr David Moore, appealing to help me with the work visa as both Chefs have said they can’t help financially (I don’t mind if I have to pay it myself). 

So I’m hoping that maybe today he will reply with a positive response and then from there I would be able to make a final decision. I have eaten at Pied A Terre at least 4 times within the past year. Their food is absolutely amazing, love it! Their service is on a really personal level. And I just love the ambience the restaurant gives. I have never heard of L’Autre Pied until googling Michellin restaurants in London. Their menu looks amazing as well, and from their website photos they give off a rather similar ambience as their sister restaurant. 

Well it’s getting a little late now! I’m going to be waking up early tomorrow (well earlier than I’ve been waking up this week so far) to go to the gym and get out of the way of the housekeeper who is coming in at 10am to clean up the room. My room needs one thorough cleaning with all the dirt and dust gathering around it. 

Well good night! Hopefully I get a wonderful morning surprise tomorrow, fingers crossed! 

Rachel Khan xx


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