There’s alot going on in my head


So it is 8.43pm on a Friday night, ususally when its not midterm break, we (meaning my group of friends and by that meaning my classmates as well) would be either having a la carte dinner, or having a shisha session (usually Dyl and I), or you know possibly getting ready to go to sports bar and perhaps go up. But it is midterm break now, Dyl is at his house doing something, and everyone else is on their vacation! Isha is in Bombay, Vel and Becks are in NYC, Matteo is in Milan, Inaki in Amsterdam and Ali in Hong Kong. 

Ususally we spend so much time together that sometimes I stay in all weekend just to have some ME time but then these past 10 days, I’ve actually missed all of them 😦 Oh well they’ll all be back by Sunday yay! 

Anyway, today I actually started back on my IT project. And I just realized I have to finalize my Facilities presentation sooon if not it would be just quite a major fail because I’ve missed presenting twice both times for “legit” reasons. Anyway, my presentation is on SURPRISE SURPRISE kitchens! Ms Cunnigham already had a presentation/class on this so it probably won’t WOW her but still its what I’m passionate about. We have to bring in a new trend so I thought since for IT im doing “kitchens of the future” I could probably bring in one or two ideas that were suggested. FML this weekend I actually have to work. This week has been just nothing, even though many times I’ve said I need to do work this week, yeah never worked. 

Anyway, in about 10 days, it would have marked my first year with Chef. Unfortunately, that didn’t end well. So did the past two relationships before Chef never ended well. For all past 3 realtionships, I have ended it, probably broke 3 hearts along the way (such a heartbreaker I am). Anyway there has been that skype thing and I don’t know why maybe the first two weeks it felt like it could happen, then again maybe because he started talking to me first on FB the day after I broke it off and I was looking for a rebound? And then there was that awkward 2 weeks where we were both like yeah lets just stop, I kept my side of the deal and then he would message me like 2 days after so I was a confused penguin. Anyway, then we kinda settled into a pattern which was mostly weekends. And then 3 weeks ago, it obviously skipped the weekend pattern and decided to jump to random times my morning and literally some times I would have wanted to jump through the screen to punch him. And this went on weekdays and weekends. Last week was the most, he actually called my swiss number from his sg number from Hong Kong and Bali. The first day, after he called me we skyped and HE WASN’T ALONE. There was someone literally snoring next to him like 2 feet away, NOT OKAY. Well anyway, and then this week it went down and I don’t know why but I somehow find myself sort of checking skype every few minutes if he’s online. And then he was actually online today like twice for 5 mins. Didn’t talk. Well we shall see. 

Anyway, since we’re talking about this guy who is in Singapore. I’m so excited and can’t wait to go home in 50 days!!!! OMG the food, my bedd, my baby gurl and my friends! I’ll probably be in Singapore for about a month or so excluding the time that we might go on vacation to who knows where (I hope its a beach resort). Anyway, I’ll be leaving this hell hole on the 25th of May (YAY!!) and then probably arriving in Singapore on the 26th! Dineth will be there, so excited to see him again and this will most probably be his last time going back to Singapore! However, if I do get the UK Work Visa there will be lots of partying and visits back and forth unfortunately he’ll probably be coming to visit me more often since I doubt I’ll be able to get a proper leave. Anyway, we plan to go visit SAS when I’m back most probably the Monday that I’m back as after that it would be finals and what not soo the teachers will be pretty busy and of course when its finals not everyone is there at the time that you want them to be so to be safe most probably 27th May! That would probably constitute my entire day as i would most probably leave early and die from jet lag. Anyway, after that day I might just hang at home (lol try tidying up my room before mom kills me), tan, swim, relax hangout with my baby gurl and maybe party it up that weekend? Gail only gets back on 15th June, so late:( Well maybe that weekend I’ll hang out with the boys and drink [whisky] with them while they drink beer. You might find that it is weird that a 19 year old girl would appreciate whisky, well yes however my whole family, cousins included and all, is a whisky family. Every party, actually a party doesn’t need to happen, dinner or whatever, instead of your usual red/white wine for classy-ness we have a really nice selection out from glenfiddich 25 year old to glenfiddich 12 year old to cognac and whatever old man drink you might be thinking. And I’m going to get so fat when I go home, SO MUCH FOOD, definitely hokkien mee and orh jian the first night I’m back, its tradition. And then possibly that Monday after visiting SAS we might go to Newton? And thats where there’s BBQ stingray = the best thing ever. Wow, my mouth is watering now. But yes and the next day with baby gurl, we shall commence our fat eating days with xiao long bao and ramen and japanese eating and basically anything and everything that is edible. 

Anyway, I’m getting a little tired now. Will sleep after this post! However, today hasn’t been my days because I didn’t receive an email from Mr David Moore 😦 PLEASE REPLY ME MR DAVID MOORE WITH HOPEFULLY A POSITIVE REPLY!! 

Okay good night blogging world. 


Rachel Khan



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