Wednesday 10th April, 2013


So right now I am in Finance… I am quite lost, hardly have any idea how to do these things. 

Anyway, I’ve got good news! 🙂 My Literature review for Research Methods that I found all my sources, read all of them, found quotes and wrote the 3000 word paper in 7 HOURS the day before. I recevied an 86%! I mean sure it could have probably been better if I had obviously spent more time on it, LOL who am I kidding it would have probably been worse. Because we all know that I work much better under pressure. 

So tonight I’ll be doing IT paper last minute again. After Finance, gonna go home write the rest of my French speech. And then its time to write this 3000 word IT project. Hopefully it will take less time as I have found my sources already and have read them. 

In other news, according to Isha on Sunday, I have lost weight. This is probably because during break I only at ONE MEAL A DAY. I need to go back to that. Now back at school, I literally am eating more and am not even hungry when I eat :/ And also yesterday after the gym and shower, I looked in the mirror and it looks like I’m getting my abs back 😀 YAY!! ehmagwerd so happy. Hopefully by the time I get back home to Singapore, I would have some sort of definition of muscles that transformed from FAT to muscles. 

5 hours later……

I AM DONE WITH IT PAPER!! yay so happy! there was quite alot of bullshit in there.. soo HOPEFULLY it goes well 😀 

Anyway, now time for a quick break to watch Cougar Town and then start to write Tourism paper. 

Okay joking watched Cougar Town and NCIS LA. Love LL Cool J ❤

Now I’m starting Tourism paper. FML. I can’t do work unless its due the next day… WHY?! Don’t ask me, more productive that way. 

Anyway, going to do this paper now.. 

Byeee xxx


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