It’s Green Jacket Fever

I usually don’t follow the major golf events for all FOUR days. However for the Masters, I’m always completely glued to my computer checking results per hole. 

Anyway, on Thursday I was kinda busy with work but still however got to see the leaderboard. And on Friday, while in Sports Bar, I was watching the Masters Open on the TV by the corner of my eyes. And I saw Tianglang Guan, a 14 year old player playing at the Masters!!!!! Which shocked me and got me to thinking if anyone puts their mind and hear to whatever they want to do they will be able to achieve it!

Anyway fast forward to Sunday night, I actually stayed up to watch the play off between Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera. That was some exciting play off! I think it might have moved on to a 3rd hole if Scott didn’t sink that birdie putt or if Cabrera didn’t miss the opportunity to sink his birdie put however had to settle for a par. 

This made me miss golf. I haven’t played in almost a year! In january, I was suppose to play golf however was quite caught up in things and didn’t get round to playing 😦 I miss how my R11 feels when I take my drive. I hope I still have my form and power *fingers crossed*

Anywho, my warmest and heartiest congratulations go to Mr. Adam Scott for winning his first Major Open Tournament in the PGA Tour and earning Australia a Green Jacket. 




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