I AM FINALLY DONE WITH S2!!! ahhhh so happy! this has actually been the busiest semester that we’ve had since freshmen year. 

Anyway today was the last exam, which was research methods. We literally didn’t study AT ALL. When we first saw all the questions we just looked at each other and then started laughing becuase we all knew that we were fucked. 

Well it was definitely worth it as last night we played flip cup at CDV. Inaki, Becky, Oliver, Jovel, Isha, Matteo and Enrique:) Twas a good night of fun filled laughter and drankss and just fun night to end the semester. 

Tonight we’re all going up and partying it out because it is basically the last night that we would all see each other for a year 😦 I’m going to miss this class so much next semester when there is only me and probably one or two others. But it won’t be the same because it isn’t the usual crew and then I can’t skip class as much as I could because teachers will notice :/ 

Anyway, HOME ON MONDAYY!!! ahhhh im so excited to go homee! finally home sweet home 🙂 I don’t think I’ve been this happy to go home ever however I think maybe some things have me more excited for some reasons but that won’t be a problem because I get to be home anyway. Fly off from Geneva on Sunday arrive in Singapore on Monday at 2pm. Gonna go eat Newton food that night. And probably either Tuesday or Wednesday might go visit SAS and hang with Dineth, Shreya and Alex!!! It’s been a year since I saw Shreya and 2 year since I saw Alex!! Last time I saw her was the day after graduation from highschool. Wow, its been a really really long time. 

Ahhh I miss highschool times 😦 well mostly the people definitely not the work and shiz. but yeah there were good times such as IASAS Golf (best IASAS event of my 4 years), armwrestling competitions (reigning champion since freshmen year) and some other stuff. I’m excited to go back to SAS to see some teachers, friends (lol mostly 3 and then theres this one which would be hella awkz but oh well theres always avoiding no?) and basically eat da food nomz. 

Anyway this summer we’re going to maldivesss!! im so excited to go to maldives! 🙂 its been one of my dreams as well as to hawaii. But first stop SINGAPORE ON MONDAY!!! and then MALDIVES!! and then hanging out with Gail! 🙂 Ahhh so excited for this summer and internship in Shanghai MO with Ali 🙂 YAYAYAY!!! 


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