Things I look for in a significant other.Bold

Things I look for in a significant other.

Bold the things you look for.

1. A good sense of humor.
2. Good hygiene.
3. Nicely dressed.
4. Well educated.
5. Gets along with my friends and family.
6. Has nice friends.
7. Is willing to compromise.
8. Spends a lot of time with me (and actually wants to).
9. Willing to cook (and is decent at it).
10. Willing to clean/tidy.
11. Good job.

12. Motivated.

13. Supportive.
14. Wants a stable, one woman relationship.
15. Cuddly.
16. Tells me I’m beautiful (and means it).
17. Helps with school work.
18. Wants to/Has gone [go] to college/university.
19. Can drive.
20. Loves animals.
21. Puts an effort to try and be interested in the things I am interested in.
22. Romantic.
23. Gives hugs and kisses out of nowhere.
24. Spontaneous.
25. Nice smile.
26. Nice eyes. 
27. Non-muscular but not fat.
28. Good with kids.
29. Wants to get married someday.
30. Helpful.
31. Friendly.
32. Out-going.
33. Sends cute text messages while at school/work.
34. Goes out of his way to make me happy.
35. Protective.
36. Has big dreams and goals.
37. Asks my opinion on things.
38. Is willing to be proven wrong.
39. Smart.
40. Polite.
41. Pays attention to what you like for future birthdays and holidays.
42. Good kisser.
43. Non-smoker.
44. Non-alcoholic.
45. Non-drug user.
46. Respectful.
47. Likes the same foods/drinks as me.
48. Would fight for me.
49. Willing to try new things.
50. Gives me butterflies when I see him.


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