What I do during Marketing

Mark an ‘X’ in each box if it applies to you.
[X] you have liked a old man
[X] you have smoked before
[ ] you consider yourself retarded
[ ] you enjoy watching hockey.
[ ] you have a boyfriend/girlfriend
[ ] you have farted more then 5 times today
[ ] You believe in aliens
[X] you think your pretty.
[ ] you havent farted today.
[X] you have msn or facebook
[X] you are obbsessed with the internet
[ ] you think you are fat.
[ ] you think you are skinny
[X] you are in the middle size..
[X] this quiz is random
[X] I copied this quiz from FunQuizNotes.com
[ ] you like peanuts
[ ] you are allergic to more then 1 thing
[ ] you like snow~daays
[ ] nerds are sexy
[ ] you are mad at someone


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